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Kickstarter: The Sixth Gun RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment Group!

Have always been a fan of anachronistic settings. The old west seems to be the focal point for my fascination with oddball combinations (Shadows of Brimstone, Malifaux, Weird West, Deadlands/Doomtown, and so forth). Included in that lot is a well-written and illustrated comic book series called the Sixth Gun. Pinnacle has licensed the rights to produce the game using their popular Savage Worlds and Deadlands game system. Take a peek and do some research on the comic series, it’s a winner, I wouldn’t steer you wrong!!

Sixth Gun Kickstarter

Sixth Gun Comic

How I Spent My Memorial Day Vacation by little Danny Weber (age 45)

Welp, the blur that was Kublacon has come and gone. Both Jason Ellis and I survived the experience, ready for next year!

Had a great time and met some great people, and I’m already itching for more boardgaming and some miniatures gaming as well.

Day 1: Thursday
Thursday was the drive up. After a late start (about 4 hours later than planned) we rolled up the I-5 in the Kia Optima. The nice thing was that the late start did dodge all the rush hour traffic the early start was also supposed to dodge. 🙂 Passed Magic Mountain and got a look in person at the new Twisted Colossus ride they were opening that weekend…need to go back and try that monster out.

The ride up was fine, we did pass an open field where a smallish ‘tent’ of some sort had been erected and someone had placed a bicycle and three dressed mannequins outside. That was more than a little creepy

Shout out to Jason’s parents for putting us up for the night. A tradition he has with his folks, Jason gets to Fremont and visits with them before heading to Kcon on Friday morning. I had tacked myself onto his drive so I was in it for the visit as well. Wonderful people, had a great time with everyone there! Was introduced to a great Mexican food restaurant while I was there, apparently it’s a family tradition for his family: La Milpa. I try chicken mole whenever I find it on a menu and theirs was AMAZING! Would like to have that again. 🙂

Day 2: Friday
The drive into the con was uneventful (no mannequins stalking the car in the morning). We were a bit behind, so after getting the room key and lugging up some basic luggage I helped Jason set up his Ground Pounder demo game then had to set up the first run of Brimstone.

Ground Pounder is a generic skirmish ruleset Jason has been working on for years. It’s a great system and hopefully it’ll be available to the public soon. His table looked AMAZING. Lots of hard work. (And somehow, the pix I took have wandered off…)

Brimstone had 13 signups and 5 players who actually showed. Had the spread of players who owned the game but hadn’t played it yet, were interested in it, and were just curious. The painted miniatures and little details (actual gemstones, money cards, poker chips) really made the game pop. The table was a bit small for it, but we still had a blast. They defeated the Big Evil just at the 3 hour mark, so teaching/character selection/etc worked perfectly for a full demo. As you can see, the table was long, but narrow. Glad the map turned back and didn’t head to the table edge.


After that, dinner then a demo of the Malifaux 2E rules. Astute readers may be wondering why I needed an M2E demo…well, I never did see the final product for M2E and I haven’t read through the new books (although I have them) since its release. Crissy DuBois was kind enough to accommodate me and show me the final product. Had a fun time and am grateful for her demonstration (even if she is a stickler for measuring).

Then it was prep for the Kcon Flea Market. I didn’t take pictures of the madhouse, but should have. It opened at 11pm (ran for 2 hours), but people started lining up to buy outside of it at about 8 pm. At least 100 in line by the time the doors opened, if not more. We both did well. I took less than Jason had, and left with maybe 1 or 2 items. He returned with a box, but also sold a good chunk of what he brought. Of course, some of that money went back into the Flea Market. 🙂 Found a nostalgia copy of the TORG RPG as well as bought a copy of the old Supremacy boardgame to combine with my old set that’s missing pieces. Also got a few miniatures for a song (NIB Ork Skorcha and 12 assembled Bretonnian Knights each buy for $15).

Day 3: Saturday
The breakfast buffet was great at the Hyatt, fueiling me up for the day to come. I wandered the smallish dealer room, met some folks, then ran my second Brimstone game in the afternoon. 20 on the signup sheet with about 10 showing. I did accommodate 7 players. They also defeated the Big Evil, and because their game ran shorter I had time to show them how visits to Town worked. Everyone had a blast and I did receive some compliments on my paint jobs (always nice to hear). The table for this game was also wider, making it more comfortable for everyone.

After that gamed with some of Jason’s local friends – a great group – and played Rise to Power, a great little card game.

Also had the chance to see Harry Coit, a friend of mine who used to live local, but we seemed to only meet up at conventions out of the area (like Gen Con).

We also played Camp Grizzly, a very fun and hilarious satire of the 1970’s/80’s slasher movies. My character didn’t survive, but it was a great game regardless. Can’t wait for their expansion for it (Electric Steve!).

Demo before the game purchase.

Day 4: Sunday
Sunday was more boardgaming. I played a marathon length game of Relic with the Haits, we had a BLAST, but it did eat up about 6 hours of the weekend. Won’t be playing with the Daemon finale again if I’m looking for a quicker game. Played a few small games including:
Yes, this happened.

I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever finished reading P&P, after the game I think I want to. 🙂
Then 6 of us played a full expansions Firefly game. Time was called before the game ended. I wasn’t doing well, but still enjoyed the time and the game.

Day 5: Monday
Monday the fatigue was beginning to take its toll. Jason had his second Ground Pounder event at 11 am, and once it was over we’d be hitting the road. After packing up the car I wandered the dealer room and made a couple purchases. There was supposed to be a Flea Market on Monday that I wanted to check out, but it was so small and so many people tried to get in they ended it earlier than I was downstairs!

Played Rise to Power again, plus a zombie card game called Zombie Fried that was mediocre, but fun for players of the right age or sense of humor.

Once Jason was finished with his game we said our goodbyes to the local pals, and hit the road. Hit a bit of traffic and didn’t get back to SoCal until nearly midnight, but even that wasn’t too bad of a drive. Fortunately it was dark enough we couldn’t see the tent and mannequins on this run…or was it they couldn’t see us…

Would definitely recommend Kublacon for boardgamers who can get there. A great con for boardgames. The last time I went (years ago) it was also great for miniatures gaming, but this year it was fairly lackluster. Hoping that changes in the years to come!!

Roadkill Spotted Count:
5 possum
2 raccoon
1 skunk
1 hawk
8 unidentifiable
1 ewok

Random con pix
20150523_163629 20150523_192548 20150523_163421

Shadows of Brimstone for Kublacon – Pt. 5

Worked a long evening trying to get close. Not completely thrilled with the Walking Dead, but they’ll do for the weekend. Need touching up with fine brushes. Hope FFP changes manufacturers and fixes their ‘soft detail’ issue – was hard to tell what was what.

Also included a group shot of everything and what’s left. I did find a good base color to start the bases with (won’t finish detailing them, but all have the color and black base rim now), and only have the heroes left to work on and a few touchups on the other models. The Slashers are a mental block on what to do, they may just remain orange lumps for now. frown emoticon The Goliath and Harbinger won’t get 100% finished, but I’ll add teeth/eyes to be sure they’re as close as time allows. Whatever’s not done this evening won’t be until after the show.


Finally found a relatively inexpensive batch of poker chips to use for XP counters thanks to a poster on BGG (gotta find the name to give credit). They were in SoCal so shipping was a breeze. Bought 25 packs for the 5, 25, 50, 100.
(too lazy to get a screencap of them, but check the link above, nice quality for the price too). Don’t forget a chip rack!

Shadows of Brimstone for Kublacon – Pt. 4

Keeping myself honest and motivated with these (mostly) daily updates.

Last night I tried to wrap up a couple of the model types versus spreading my work across the lot. I did some base colors/washes on the Goliath and Harbinger, hoping to finish them tonight. Also reworked the base colors on the Slashers to orange. Hope inspiration hits me and I can get them finished as well..

Decided on a base color for the bases. It’s close to the colors on the game map tiles. A bit of drybrushing and pulling out details and they’ll be finished. Expect to see everyone with bases colored in the next installment.
2015-05-19 (5)

Finished up the Hellbats with a couple layers of drybrushing then detailed their mouths/tongues. Picking out the teeth was a hassle, may need to go back in after the show and tidy up a little bit of slop here and there.
2015-05-19 (1)
2015-05-19 (2)

Wrapped up the Night Terrors as well. Like how their odd bumpy flesh/fur turned out. Used the tablet camera for all of these this installment. It doesn’t do some of the colors on them justice.
2015-05-19 (4)

The finish line is in sight. I have tonight and tomorrow to wrap up everyone. Remaining are the 8 Heroes, 12 Walking Dead, 3 Slashers, 6 Stranglers, and the two big guys. It won’t be fancy, but I’m confident they’ll all be at least table ready for the show.

Shadows of Brimstone For Kublacon – Pt. 3

It’s been a few days since my last post. I didn’t have as much time over the past four days to paint as I would have liked, but did get some work done last night. Where I stand currently:

12 Void Spiders all but finished (touching up teeth/mouth)
12 Tentacles completed
6 Hell Bats needing hilighting and details
3 Night Terrors needing more hilighting and details
8 Heroes with flesh started
12 Walking Dead still just primer. I have a plan for them that involves a limited color palette
1 Goliath needing more hilighting and then details
1 Harbinger needing inking then hilights and details
3 Slashers I tried red inks on and already hate…
6 Stranglers with mottled purple/bluish skin I’m working on evening out

I have three nights to go to get everything finished, or finished enough I’m happy with them on the table for the weekend. Found a color for the bases as well…


Shadows of Brimstone for Kublacon – Pt. 2

When we last left our hero he was bravely (foolishly) convinced he could tackle the mound of 64 Shadows of Brimstone models he needed to complete for Kublacon. He’d already cleaned up seams on the models that needed it the most and was thrilled with that little bit of progress.

Since then…

Started with basing the models. Nothing to fancy, sand mix plus some details on a few of the heroes and the larger models…
20150512_181129 20150513_074030 20150512_181431 20150513_074008 20150513_073947

Then everyone was primered. Lately I’ve been doing a Krylon gray primer then a dusting of white over it. It’s not exactly that zenithial style (or not planned that way), but it works out in giving me a few shadows but less work with the lighter colors.

Then I started in with the tentacles. Washes of GW’s Drakenhoff Nightshade. See the spider in the corner? He’s shy.

Come Wednesday night I’d finished the tentacles except for their base colors (want to match it to the map tiles, still looking). I’m pretty happy with how they came out. A few wash layers over the primer, then some hilighting with blue and white.

I also put base color on the Hellbats, Stranglers, and the Void Spiders (and Goliath, not pictured below). For some reason someone (Snoddy?) really liked blues with the artwork so the tentacles, stranglers, spiders, night terrors all have quite a bit of blue on them. I am using the blue on the Night Terrors (washing them as well), but for the Stranglers I’m leaning into the purples a bit. The Void Spiders are getting the blue wash then a diligent drybrushing of whites to keep them close to the picture. So far, so good!
2015-05-14 (1)

Shadows of Brimstone for Kublacon WIPs – Part 1.

So next weekend is Kublacon.

I’ve signed up to run two Shadows of Brimstone events over the weekend, and when I return I’m looking forward to starting up a campaign with the local pals. Of course, the new job’s been beating me down on time and motivation to get things finished, leaving me now with 9 days to complete the painting on ALL the models. 😐

We’ll see how it goes, I’m hoping for the best. I’m going to try to use plenty of washes on the monsters, they almost beg for it instead of lots of hands on time with blending (At least for me), and that should save some time.

The list I need to finish is:

1 Harbinger
1 Goliath
12 Void Spiders
12 Walking Dead
12 Tentacles
6 Hellbats
6 Stranglers
3 Night Terrors
3 Clackers
Saloon Girl
Indian Scout

So far, all models are assembled, on bases (and based), and the ones with the most egregious gaps were gray stuffed last night. I took pictures of the gray stuffing, but didn’t shoot pix of the basing. Will do that tonight.

Expect daily updates on the progress. Pray for me. 🙂

2015-05-12 (1)

Assorted gaps filled, mostly on the Night Terrors (See below), but the Clackers needed a seam down their backs, and the Goliath had some odd gaps that needed cleanup. Not sure they’re perfect, but they’ll work for now (I still have the red plastic set to assemble at some point)


The Night Terrors. Needed gaps filled around necks, shoulders, arms, thighs, one needed it up his side. Hoping to clean it up a bit after drying.

A side note, loving this game and was hoping to make it even more immersive. Wandered around for replacement items for things like XP, Dark Stone, Cash that are awarded in-game. Although I’m still debating about XP tracking, I did locate and picked up the following for Dark Stone and Cash.

Dark Stone (comes 5 large and 25 small to a tube)

Cash (created by a Boardgame Geek user, Klutz, who created a few useful items for the game, love these. They’re a little pricy but you get a huge stack!)