Warband Muster Reference for Conquest TLAOK

Another game I’ve gotten into is the very fun Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings by Para-Bellum. I’ll be posting more of my Dweghom army as I get it painted (yes, painted). But in the meantime I did create a set of mustering reference documents that will come in handy for me and I hope for other players. Army building in Conquest is selecting a Character, then adding units based on that Character’s mustering restrictions. Any number of mainstay That Character’s units can be included, but only one restricted unit per mainstay. Armies can have multiple Characters but they each have their own hiring restrictions. I summarized these per Character and per unit on single sheets. This includes their newest army, the W’adrhun, as well. Enjoy! Conquest Warband Musters.

[FWW] Fallout Wasteland Warfare Resources Page Updated

Happy end of 2020! I’ve been able to update most of the FWW Resources page files with the Wave 4, Automatron, and Denizens cards – including:

  • The General Wasteland randomizer
  • The Settlement randomizers
  • The Vestiges Resurgent Curated Wasteland Deck (Scenarios 1 and 2)
  • I will be finalizing update to my Settlement Campaign sheet (new Quests and updating to accommodate Robots and Creatures) this week.
  • I am working on generating randomizers for the Into the Wasteland Campaign as well. Hoping to have them completed before 2021 too.


Dweghom Hold Warriors (Conquest)

So I haven’t stopped working on my Brimstone models, but did take a little breather after working nonstop on them for a couple months. A friend turned me on to a new rank and file game from Para Bellum called Conquest: Last Argument of Kings. I had seen it last year when it dropped, but nobody locally was interested. Now a few players are getting into it and they have added 2 new armies, with more coming. I finally bit the bullet as I’ve always wanted a dwarf army for a game. The Dweghom are the ‘dwarves’ for Conquest. Here’s my first unit for the game, Hold Warriors. They’re beefier at about 38mm+ in scale, so that was a nice change. They’re also the first models I’ve ever used snow effects on and am happy with the results so far.

Brimstone Update: Another 11

Going to be posting my work weekly now as part of the #6MMRPC challenge through the Conquering the Lead Mountain page on Facebook.

8x Serpentmen of Jarongo (6 serpentmen plus the Shaman and Grand Shaman) – I’m very happy with how these turned out. I’ll be posting an article with the paint recipe for them later if anyone is intrerested.
3x Heroes: Male Prospector, male Frontier Doc, female Gambler

Brimstone Project Update: Next 27

Latest update. It’s been a month since I posted, but I’ve been keeping at it. One thing I have decided to do differently is base the models as I go instead of basing large batches after the fact. I’ve gone back and based every model that I’ve posted to date and going forward the pics will show completed and based models (I might add some base flavor like foliage later). I also decided that rather than wait on being finished to work on heroes I will be adding a batch of them into each batch so they’re getting completed along the way. So here’s the next group:

9x Wasteland Scavengers
6x Ghost Warriors
3x Swamp Slugs
1x Terralisk
7x Heroes: Cowboy (both), Priest (& Nun), Frontier Doc (female), Saloon Girl (Piano Player & alt)
1x Dark Altar


Next 23 for Shadows [SoB]

Latest batch completed. I wasn’t able to spend as much time at the painting table, so my output dropped a bit. But pretty happy with this group. The Gateways are something we use every game to indicate unexplored exits, so having them painted will be a nice treat. The Belly of the Beast Gateways were an interesting experiment for me. I don’t work with pinks much, so I learned a few things. Going to seal these in gloss so they can keep that ‘moist’ look going. I also tried some blood effects on the Flesh Drones. Figured they get messy working with the raw materials the Stalker uses…mixed results but they’re fine at a distance. Likewise the freehand flowers on the Harionago were a newish challenge and mixed results. I’ll probably go back and clean them up after I’m done with everything else. She looks nice at 3′ though, the purple tint to the skin is very subtle.

  • 4 Mine Gateways
  • 4 Arcane Gateways
  • 4 Fortress Gateways
  • 4 Belly Gateways
  • Flesh Stalker
  • 6 Flesh Drones
  • 3 Spectral Hosts
  • Harionago

Next 38 for Shadows of Brimstone [SoB]

This batch took longer, but happy with the results. Keeping the momentum up.

(edit, woops. I forgot the Shadow Wraiths I’d finished. Should be Next 41!! added their pic at the top)

  • 3 Shadow Wraiths
  • 12 Crimson Hand
  • 6 Necronauts
  • 6 Succubi
  • 3 Void Hounds
  • 6 Werewolves (should probably highlight more)
  • 3 Turrets – Also, these and the Necronauts were the last models from the Derelict Ship box. All finished (until I get the resin hatches upgrade…anyway)
  • 1 Living Statue (another I might revisit with more work later)
  • 1 Sand Kraken


First 37 for Brimstone [SOB]

I completed 37 models last week. There are models I’ve completed previously I’ll share again as a single post, but in this latest attempt to get it all finished these are the 37 I worked on after my initial 500+ post.

  • 3 Void Sorcerers (debating what to put on the pages)
  • 6 Bandits
  • 3 BEACON Drones
  • 1 Rat Nest
  • 6 Acid Tentacles
  • 6 Acid Blobs
  • 6 Dead Trees
  • 3 Brutes
  • 3 Sand Crabs

Feeling good about the pace.


[SoB] Can I Get the 500+ Painted?

With lockdown in full swing I’ve been priming minis on work breaks. I think I’ve primed over 700 miniatures in the past 2+ weeks, including all the Shadows of Brimstone models I had that were still bare plastic (which was most of them). My goal is to focus on getting these painted so we can restart our campaign when everything settles down (or if not, just have painted stuff for solo games). The plan is to paint 2 ‘grunt’ groups (basically small base enemies), then 1 medium base group, then 1 XL/XXL or another medium group before rotating back around to the grunts. I’m saving the heroes and allies for last. Worked on a handful before I decided on the pattern, so they’re all WIP at this point, but will be finished very soon. That’ll make about 27 models completed in the first wave. Pics of the batch and the WIPs below. Cross your fingers!

[FWW] New Randomizers Available

Created Wasteland randomizers for the Showdown at Synthtown and Caught in the Crossfire campaigns. There is a separate randomizer for the Stream scenarios located in the Caught in the Crossfire booklet. As always if you find any errors, please let me know.

Fallout Wasteland Warfare Resources