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Next 38 for Shadows of Brimstone [SoB]

This batch took longer, but happy with the results. Keeping the momentum up.

(edit, woops. I forgot the Shadow Wraiths I’d finished. Should be Next 41!! added their pic at the top)

  • 3 Shadow Wraiths
  • 12 Crimson Hand
  • 6 Necronauts
  • 6 Succubi
  • 3 Void Hounds
  • 6 Werewolves (should probably highlight more)
  • 3 Turrets – Also, these and the Necronauts were the last models from the Derelict Ship box. All finished (until I get the resin hatches upgrade…anyway)
  • 1 Living Statue (another I might revisit with more work later)
  • 1 Sand Kraken