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Shadows of Brimstone Model Storage Option

One of the hard things about being a Shadows of Brimstone hoarder is that the model count for a completist is the sheer number and how to store/transport them. Some are a little on the fragile side (undead miner hands!), others are huge (Beli’al!). I was transporting all of mine to date in a Battle Foam transport bag, that I’d all but filled up and still had two large models, the Harbinger and the big worm, in another container. Because I’m waiting on some GenCon treats to arrive that include more models and the rest of the Kickstarter hasn’t yet arrived I realized I’d have to buy another bag or find something more modular to cover my needs. I also found it distracting at the table to dig for what we need in-game and this option allows easy location of the required baddies while we game.

I started with Really Useful Boxes that I already had for some different projects/storage. They’re, wait for it, really useful and I highly recommend the line. They’re stackable, durable, lock well, etc. Then I grabbed magnets from this great shop (local, so got to go in and shop with one of their engineers) Amazing Magnets and metal shingles at 84 cents each from Home Depot. Armed with some model glue and a glue gun I went to work. Still need a couple more metal sheets, and 100 magnets plus later!!

Edit: was asked which model number at Amazing Magnets: Product # D094A2 magnet. diameter: .1875″/thickness: .09375″, grade N40. They were $18.10 for 100.














Coming Soon…Shadows of Brimstone Dime Novels

Would like to try something different than the usual play session report for a game. Coming soon: Kel’s Shadows of Brimstone Dime Novels, a series of narrative experiments using game sessions of the Flying Frog Productions Shadows of Brimstone game line as their foundation.

Look for Volume 1 in early June…it’ll be a hoot!

Kickstarter: The Sixth Gun RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment Group!

Have always been a fan of anachronistic settings. The old west seems to be the focal point for my fascination with oddball combinations (Shadows of Brimstone, Malifaux, Weird West, Deadlands/Doomtown, and so forth). Included in that lot is a well-written and illustrated comic book series called the Sixth Gun. Pinnacle has licensed the rights to produce the game using their popular Savage Worlds and Deadlands game system. Take a peek and do some research on the comic series, it’s a winner, I wouldn’t steer you wrong!!

Sixth Gun Kickstarter

Sixth Gun Comic

Shadows of Brimstone for Kublacon – Pt. 4

Keeping myself honest and motivated with these (mostly) daily updates.

Last night I tried to wrap up a couple of the model types versus spreading my work across the lot. I did some base colors/washes on the Goliath and Harbinger, hoping to finish them tonight. Also reworked the base colors on the Slashers to orange. Hope inspiration hits me and I can get them finished as well..

Decided on a base color for the bases. It’s close to the colors on the game map tiles. A bit of drybrushing and pulling out details and they’ll be finished. Expect to see everyone with bases colored in the next installment.
2015-05-19 (5)

Finished up the Hellbats with a couple layers of drybrushing then detailed their mouths/tongues. Picking out the teeth was a hassle, may need to go back in after the show and tidy up a little bit of slop here and there.
2015-05-19 (1)
2015-05-19 (2)

Wrapped up the Night Terrors as well. Like how their odd bumpy flesh/fur turned out. Used the tablet camera for all of these this installment. It doesn’t do some of the colors on them justice.
2015-05-19 (4)

The finish line is in sight. I have tonight and tomorrow to wrap up everyone. Remaining are the 8 Heroes, 12 Walking Dead, 3 Slashers, 6 Stranglers, and the two big guys. It won’t be fancy, but I’m confident they’ll all be at least table ready for the show.