Shadows of Brimstone for Kublacon – Pt. 4

Keeping myself honest and motivated with these (mostly) daily updates.

Last night I tried to wrap up a couple of the model types versus spreading my work across the lot. I did some base colors/washes on the Goliath and Harbinger, hoping to finish them tonight. Also reworked the base colors on the Slashers to orange. Hope inspiration hits me and I can get them finished as well..

Decided on a base color for the bases. It’s close to the colors on the game map tiles. A bit of drybrushing and pulling out details and they’ll be finished. Expect to see everyone with bases colored in the next installment.
2015-05-19 (5)

Finished up the Hellbats with a couple layers of drybrushing then detailed their mouths/tongues. Picking out the teeth was a hassle, may need to go back in after the show and tidy up a little bit of slop here and there.
2015-05-19 (1)
2015-05-19 (2)

Wrapped up the Night Terrors as well. Like how their odd bumpy flesh/fur turned out. Used the tablet camera for all of these this installment. It doesn’t do some of the colors on them justice.
2015-05-19 (4)

The finish line is in sight. I have tonight and tomorrow to wrap up everyone. Remaining are the 8 Heroes, 12 Walking Dead, 3 Slashers, 6 Stranglers, and the two big guys. It won’t be fancy, but I’m confident they’ll all be at least table ready for the show.


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