Monthly Archives: April 2016

Life Intrudeth

Been busy with non-hobby fun lately. Work’s been keeping me occupied, just returned from a 4-day trip through mid-Cal visiting college campuses with a great bunch of students from Irvine Valley College (I’ll post some pix later), my kiddo turned 10 recently, tax time, and so on. So, not much hobby to post in the hobby blog. However:

  • Finally received my Brimstone 1.5 Kickstarter package, post to come on that monster
  • Picked up Star Wars Rebellion from FFG, lots of fun, will review
  • Was exposed to and love Guild Ball, posts to come
  • Reintroduced to Dropzone Commander

So, not without some hobby mixed in, but not much painting time for my “10 At a Time” project. Will have to work on that so I can update it. 😀