Monthly Archives: May 2016

Steamjack Arena Samples

Still working on the full rewrite of the SJA ruleset, but I do have it note and ready to run this weekend at Kublacon. For some reason I lost the formatting on my (8 year) old Publisher files (yeah, yeah, I’ll change over to Adobe as soon as I have time to learn how it works), so I had to recreate the cards from scratch. Gave me a chance to incorporate rules changes and some formatting things I wanted to address. Here’s three of the eight Jacks I’ll be using for the event. Rather than do them as the normal individual cards I’m going to set this up for now as a one-page each player can reference at the table. Still need to get the others finished and laminate the lot tonight. Wheee!!

For a practical note, if you’re familiar with how Warmachine works assume the chassis is a normal Jack, but instead of damage wrapping to the next column at the bottom it rolls over to the system listed in the column. There are several other tweaks since it’s only Jacks on the table (the 3 cogs represent the Jack’s handler, for example), but that’ll at least help the ‘cards’ make more sense for now.jack1jack2jack4

Coming Soon…Shadows of Brimstone Dime Novels

Would like to try something different than the usual play session report for a game. Coming soon: Kel’s Shadows of Brimstone Dime Novels, a series of narrative experiments using game sessions of the Flying Frog Productions Shadows of Brimstone game line as their foundation.

Look for Volume 1 in early June…it’ll be a hoot!