Monthly Archives: July 2020

Brimstone Update: Another 11

Going to be posting my work weekly now as part of the #6MMRPC challenge through the Conquering the Lead Mountain page on Facebook.

8x Serpentmen of Jarongo (6 serpentmen plus the Shaman and Grand Shaman) – I’m very happy with how these turned out. I’ll be posting an article with the paint recipe for them later if anyone is intrerested.
3x Heroes: Male Prospector, male Frontier Doc, female Gambler

Brimstone Project Update: Next 27

Latest update. It’s been a month since I posted, but I’ve been keeping at it. One thing I have decided to do differently is base the models as I go instead of basing large batches after the fact. I’ve gone back and based every model that I’ve posted to date and going forward the pics will show completed and based models (I might add some base flavor like foliage later). I also decided that rather than wait on being finished to work on heroes I will be adding a batch of them into each batch so they’re getting completed along the way. So here’s the next group:

9x Wasteland Scavengers
6x Ghost Warriors
3x Swamp Slugs
1x Terralisk
7x Heroes: Cowboy (both), Priest (& Nun), Frontier Doc (female), Saloon Girl (Piano Player & alt)
1x Dark Altar