Free Warcry Warband and Core Rules

Not all Heroes wear capes. Even GW can’t keep all these links on one handy page.

Sprues & Brews

With the new edition of Warcry coming in the next few weeks Games Workshop have given us the rules for using your Warhammer Age of Sigmar models in the new edition….. for free !!!!

Thats right the rules for Warcry are free to play on Warhammer community under the downloads section of the website, links for all the factions and the core rules are below.

You can check out the review and unboxing of the new edition here – Warcry Heart of Ghur Review and Unboxing

If you want to watch the unboxing and review you can below and why not pre order a copy from element games and support the show.

Core Rules – This covers all of the core rules required to play the new edition of Warcry, it covers everything from building your war band, how to use abilities, the different actions your fighters can take and…

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