First 37 for Brimstone [SOB]

I completed 37 models last week. There are models I’ve completed previously I’ll share again as a single post, but in this latest attempt to get it all finished these are the 37 I worked on after my initial 500+ post.

  • 3 Void Sorcerers (debating what to put on the pages)
  • 6 Bandits
  • 3 BEACON Drones
  • 1 Rat Nest
  • 6 Acid Tentacles
  • 6 Acid Blobs
  • 6 Dead Trees
  • 3 Brutes
  • 3 Sand Crabs

Feeling good about the pace.


4 responses to “First 37 for Brimstone [SOB]

  • Mikko

    That’s really impressive for a week’s work. Love the vibrant colours on the sorcerers, how did you do those?

    • Dan

      Hey! I had put the lighter base colors on a while back so honestly I can’t recall what they were (but they were fairly light). I then hit each of them with GW shades. Purple and blue for those two, and Earthshade for the yellow sorcerer. Then I drybrushed each with a pretty light step up. I believe I used two lighter colors for the yellow sorcerer, but one for the purple and blue ones. The skin was a mid green from Vallejo (I’ll have to look for it) as base, then Athonian Cammoshade, then Army Painter Kraken Green for the highlighting (basically just did a very careful drybrush). Trying to get these done quickly but decently. 😀

  • boardgamehalv

    Bandits and sorcerers are my favorite. Great color!!

    • Dan

      Thanks! I was pretty happy with how the bandits turned out. They were definitely nicer than I thought they might be. My next batch should get posted tomorrow evening.

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