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6 Month Challenge: Week 1 Update

I probably should have posted this on Monday (but Tuesday mornings are easier), but first week’s work completed!

I managed to assemble (with an exception) my entire Warlands collection to date. This week’s priming and painting! 

Here’s a group shot of the work I was going to post last week:

The Finished Results

Group Shot (includes terrain pieces in the background)


The Cars/Trucks

Backs of the Interceptor and Valiant
20140907_223711 20140907_223719

Humongous and Master Blaster. Still need to put Humongous’ arms on, got impatient with their fiddlyness…

Sand Surfer (also fiddly to assemble, but looks good once completed)


3 Buggies (I’ve left the roll cages off and the driver/gunner not glued in yet, will make painting it all  up easier)

Welp, now you know what work’s ahead of me for Week 2.

Until then!



The 6 Month Mountain Reduction & Painting Challenge

Shiny things is what this blog is all about. Shiny metal, plastic…whatever the material, miniatures for the gaming hobby. I love the look of them, love collecting (hoarding) them, and have amassed mountains of them. Too many times I’ve said ‘no more buying until I assemble and paint some of these’ and for a bit that holds true, then something shiny catches my eye and I’m buying again. Usually whatever game is currently on tap is what’s of interest at the moment.

A bit ago I was trolling gaming blogs and came across myincubliss’ blog the Dead Lead Project, where he referenced a proposed 6 month reduction project Chris at Chris’ Miniature Woes and Dave at The Spider Web of History were collaborating on. The 6 Month Mountain Reduction & Painting Challenge seems to be a low-stress way to combat the mounds of lead and plastic that “Gamer ADD” has a tendency to allow to accumulate. As I don’t know any of the above blokes personally, but they seem like good guys I enlisted the aid of my pal, Jason at Tactical Craft since he has the ADD as well. Together we agreed we’d participate in the challenge to keep each other honest.

The rules are simple:

  1. The challenge starts September 1st, 2014 and goes for six months. (yeah, yeah, I’m posting this on 9/2, sue me)
  2. No purchasing of new miniatures, EXCEPT if you use a joker card. As in a deck of cards, you get two jokers to use on a figure purchase during the six months of the challenge. This could be a blister pack, an eBay bundle, or a single figure. Not an entire army and you can’t splurge!
  3. Gifts do not count against the you. If you’re given gift cards, you can use them without penalty on anything you want miniatures wise.
  4. Paints, terrain, materials, and other hobby supplies are exempt from the the no purchasing rule.
  5. You must make at least one hobby related blog post and/or Instagram update a week. If you Instagram, be sure to hashtag your pic with #6MMRPC.
  6. Zombtober will be part of the six month challenge so Zombie related stuff during October is ENCOURAGED!

I’ve decided to start off small and simple to get the forges up to speed. I have a batch of 20mm post-apocalypse cars and terrain I picked up for the game Warlands from Aberrant games. It’s a tight and fun Mad Max style ruleset with some good looking resins. My pal, Harry Coit, has sculpted some of their pieces (which came as a pleasant surprise to me, congrats again, Harry!). The miniatures are a couple of cars (Max’s from the Road Warrior, and the Death Race car from the remake a few years back, complete with droppable tombstone) along with three buggies, a wind-powered desert sail thingamajig, a couple quads, three pieces of terrain, and Lord Humongous and Master Blaster for good measure. I took a pic of the items, but I’ll have to post it later, it’s on the old, dead phone now. But that’s my start for this week, update to come next week!!

“I am Lord Humongous, and I approve of this Pledge.”