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Dystopian Wars Russian Coalition [6MMRPC Week 3]

We are back hot and heavy with the 6 month Conquering the Lead Mountain painting challenge. I haven’t been able to get much done Weeks 1 and 2 but the assembling of a stack of Shadows of Brimstone Kickstarter models just before we started I will say counts for me. 😀

For now, I’m focusing on getting what should be a fairly easy project completed, one of my two Dystopian Wars fleets – my Russian Coalition. I’ll post more on the inspirations for the color scheme, and my tester ship which is nearly completed, but I was so pleased with how the hull tones were coming out I went ahead and base colored the entire fleet last week in preparation of some speedy assembly line painting. Here’s a quick shot of the models while drying. Next update, better pix of the ships (and hopefully a few finished ones).



Da Waaagh Still Lives!!

Welp, it’s been a few months since I’ve posted on the blog, but I’m hoping to remedy that and make it a regular thing. So much Real Life fun going on to keep me busy, and away from working much on miniatures. Want to get myself into a weekly habit of painting something and showing some progress. I’m calling it “10 a week”.

Basically, I’m going to work in blocks no bigger than 10 models at a time and get through them weekly as time allows. I may have a block take longer than a week or less than and will adapt accordingly, but the true test for me is to not have more than 10 models (well, starting 11, you’ll see) on the painting table at a time despite my bazillion half completed projects. I may assemble figs or terrain while I wait for pieces of the 10 to dry, but I’ll be painting to completion at least 10 models a week. At least that’s the plan.

To start me off slowly and build some momentum I realized I have about 70+ Grots sitting unpainted in my Ork collection. They’re fast, fun, and easy to paint so I’ll be starting with them. Blocks of 10 plus a Runtherd. Started last weekend and have only had a couple hours to dedicate so far, but here’s where I’m at as of last night. Nothing super fancy, but base colors and a flesh wash, a couple other colors tossed on a few models. The Runtherd is going darker than the Grots, obviously. I plan on posting weekly if not more often about the project, plus other gaming I’m doing and life in general. Until then, Waaagh!


Lead Mountain Painting Challenge – Weeks 4-8 in Review (6MMRPC)

Greetings all! Long time, no talk.

As you may glean from Darth above, I haven’t completed much in the way of tackling the mountain. A combination of work, summer heat malaise, and spending waaaay too much time reading up on and debating the merits of Age of Sigmar have steadily chipped away at my available time. I did pick up the Chaos models from the AoS boxed set, more because I think the minis are some of GW’s best work to date than I’ll be playing AoS with any regularity.

But an AoS review is for another blog post.

Part of what I’ve been working on is a late spring cleaning in the office/playroom at the casa. It’s taking longer than I’d anticipated, mostly because I’m doing it right for a change. Here’s where things were about a week or two ago:


As you can see, very much a WIP. This isn’t all of my mountain, just what wasn’t sorted/fitting into the office closets. I still have the garage work area and shelves to clean up. Part of the cleanup was to figure out what I was missing (for example, which Malifaux 2e Arsenal decks did I need and which had I duplicated because I wasn’t paying attention), what needs painting (too much), what needs to be sold off/etc. I’ll shoot a couple pix of where things stand now for the next update.

So, now that those things are tidied up I feel better about moving on to Phase 2 (garage) and while that’s getting handled, painting. Our big summer Apocalypse game is slated for August 22, and I have several greenskins who still need some paint!!

Lead Mountain Painting Challenge – Week 2 (6MMRPC)

Starting week 2 not behind, but had hoped to have painted more.

Started working on finishing up my Shadows of Brimstone miniatures. They served me great at Kublacon, but now that I’m home I can finish detail, clean up slop, and wrap up the few models that weren’t quite completed before the con.

Of course, that shifted quickly when I found out some pals were getting together for some low-point Horus Heresy 30k games over the weekend. I wanted to participate, so I got to work on a few models. I don’t have an extensive Word Bearers (my chosen Chapter for 30k) collection at this time, but I do have a piecemeal Red Corsairs Chaos Marine 40k army. Using some of those models I went ahead and tracked down a red/rust primer from Duplicolor to use to start out painting project #2285 (the Red Corsairs). Managed to assemble just enough for the lists we were using and get them primered before the game. At least now I have some models to test my color scheme for the Red Corsairs out on.


This week: work on Shadows of Brimstone models, sort and inventory my 40k Orks (Apocalypse game in August), and start assembling my Pulp City/work on Red Corsairs. We’ll see how far I get with each in next weeks’ installment.

Shadows of Brimstone for Kublacon – Pt. 5

Worked a long evening trying to get close. Not completely thrilled with the Walking Dead, but they’ll do for the weekend. Need touching up with fine brushes. Hope FFP changes manufacturers and fixes their ‘soft detail’ issue – was hard to tell what was what.

Also included a group shot of everything and what’s left. I did find a good base color to start the bases with (won’t finish detailing them, but all have the color and black base rim now), and only have the heroes left to work on and a few touchups on the other models. The Slashers are a mental block on what to do, they may just remain orange lumps for now. frown emoticon The Goliath and Harbinger won’t get 100% finished, but I’ll add teeth/eyes to be sure they’re as close as time allows. Whatever’s not done this evening won’t be until after the show.


Finally found a relatively inexpensive batch of poker chips to use for XP counters thanks to a poster on BGG (gotta find the name to give credit). They were in SoCal so shipping was a breeze. Bought 25 packs for the 5, 25, 50, 100.
(too lazy to get a screencap of them, but check the link above, nice quality for the price too). Don’t forget a chip rack!

The 6 Month Mountain Reduction & Painting Challenge

Shiny things is what this blog is all about. Shiny metal, plastic…whatever the material, miniatures for the gaming hobby. I love the look of them, love collecting (hoarding) them, and have amassed mountains of them. Too many times I’ve said ‘no more buying until I assemble and paint some of these’ and for a bit that holds true, then something shiny catches my eye and I’m buying again. Usually whatever game is currently on tap is what’s of interest at the moment.

A bit ago I was trolling gaming blogs and came across myincubliss’ blog the Dead Lead Project, where he referenced a proposed 6 month reduction project Chris at Chris’ Miniature Woes and Dave at The Spider Web of History were collaborating on. The 6 Month Mountain Reduction & Painting Challenge seems to be a low-stress way to combat the mounds of lead and plastic that “Gamer ADD” has a tendency to allow to accumulate. As I don’t know any of the above blokes personally, but they seem like good guys I enlisted the aid of my pal, Jason at Tactical Craft since he has the ADD as well. Together we agreed we’d participate in the challenge to keep each other honest.

The rules are simple:

  1. The challenge starts September 1st, 2014 and goes for six months. (yeah, yeah, I’m posting this on 9/2, sue me)
  2. No purchasing of new miniatures, EXCEPT if you use a joker card. As in a deck of cards, you get two jokers to use on a figure purchase during the six months of the challenge. This could be a blister pack, an eBay bundle, or a single figure. Not an entire army and you can’t splurge!
  3. Gifts do not count against the you. If you’re given gift cards, you can use them without penalty on anything you want miniatures wise.
  4. Paints, terrain, materials, and other hobby supplies are exempt from the the no purchasing rule.
  5. You must make at least one hobby related blog post and/or Instagram update a week. If you Instagram, be sure to hashtag your pic with #6MMRPC.
  6. Zombtober will be part of the six month challenge so Zombie related stuff during October is ENCOURAGED!

I’ve decided to start off small and simple to get the forges up to speed. I have a batch of 20mm post-apocalypse cars and terrain I picked up for the game Warlands from Aberrant games. It’s a tight and fun Mad Max style ruleset with some good looking resins. My pal, Harry Coit, has sculpted some of their pieces (which came as a pleasant surprise to me, congrats again, Harry!). The miniatures are a couple of cars (Max’s from the Road Warrior, and the Death Race car from the remake a few years back, complete with droppable tombstone) along with three buggies, a wind-powered desert sail thingamajig, a couple quads, three pieces of terrain, and Lord Humongous and Master Blaster for good measure. I took a pic of the items, but I’ll have to post it later, it’s on the old, dead phone now. But that’s my start for this week, update to come next week!!

“I am Lord Humongous, and I approve of this Pledge.”