Shadows of Brimstone Model Storage Option

One of the hard things about being a Shadows of Brimstone hoarder is that the model count for a completist is the sheer number and how to store/transport them. Some are a little on the fragile side (undead miner hands!), others are huge (Beli’al!). I was transporting all of mine to date in a Battle Foam transport bag, that I’d all but filled up and still had two large models, the Harbinger and the big worm, in another container. Because I’m waiting on some GenCon treats to arrive that include more models and the rest of the Kickstarter hasn’t yet arrived I realized I’d have to buy another bag or find something more modular to cover my needs. I also found it distracting at the table to dig for what we need in-game and this option allows easy location of the required baddies while we game.

I started with Really Useful Boxes that I already had for some different projects/storage. They’re, wait for it, really useful and I highly recommend the line. They’re stackable, durable, lock well, etc. Then I grabbed magnets from this great shop (local, so got to go in and shop with one of their engineers) Amazing Magnets and metal shingles at 84 cents each from Home Depot. Armed with some model glue and a glue gun I went to work. Still need a couple more metal sheets, and 100 magnets plus later!!

Edit: was asked which model number at Amazing Magnets: Product # D094A2 magnet. diameter: .1875″/thickness: .09375″, grade N40. They were $18.10 for 100.















19 responses to “Shadows of Brimstone Model Storage Option

  • Justin

    Just getting into shadows of brimstone and looking for storage ideas for everything I’ve purchased thus far. Really like what you’ve come up withe here! I juts have a few questions.

    1) did you have to trim the metal sheets down using the really useful boxes? It looks like they fit in nearly perfectly in the photos.
    2) what size and strength mahlgnets did you use for the miniature bases, that website is a great resource, but it has a staggering amount of options. Size is relatively easy but how much magnet strength is too much/not enough I’m curious about.

    Appreciate any insight you might have and thanks for the wonderful post!

    • Dan

      Hey, glad you like it!

      1) I didn’t trim the sheets. Depending on the RUB size one of the flashing sheets fits perfectly across the entire box while for the larger blue ones I’m using two, they run the length, just need to be overlapped to cover the width. I’m switching out the hot glue for spray adhesive and am loving how that sets up. Even going to put 4 in the biggest box (not shown) for my tall models and other stuff. They were like .90 each at the local Home Depot.
      2) I’ll track them down. Just bought another batch a week or so ago and wish I’d kept the receipt for the range. I’ll ping back on here when I find it. They’re not super strong, just have had a couple of the thinner footing models pop off the base (not break) a time or two when pulling them out. Might have been old glue. I haven’t pinned any of my SOB figs to their bases.

    • Dan

      Ok, found the information. From Amazing they were the D094A2 magnet. diameter: .1875″/thickness: .09375″, grade N40. They were $18.10 for 100.

      • Justin

        Awesome thank you! I picked up a box and some.metal the other day the magnets are all missing!

      • Dan

        Like missing missing or all you need now to do it? 🙂

        I’m glad you liked the article. I really am happy with them. I’m hoping I can fit the rest of the Minecart order in the ones I have now when it arrives. 😀

  • Dan

    Ok, found the information. From Amazing they were the D094A2 magnet. diameter: .1875″/thickness: .09375″, grade N40. They were $18.10 for 100.

  • Chris

    Hey, I am following your lead on all your ideas for shadows. I am about to get the forbidden fortress kickstarter, so I am gearing up in anticipation. A couple of questions about the magnets. First, do they fully hid under the base or do they stick up a little bit of the table? Second, I saw that you said a few of your models came off the base, is the magnet too strong for some? If so, I can try to get a slightly weaker magnet with the same dimensions. I don’t have an amazing magnets store I can drive to so I have to order online and pay for shipping. Just want to make sure I get the perfect ones before committing. Again, you had some great ideas and I am very happy you put them on here for all to enjoy.

  • Chris

    Also, what storage bins are you using? I can’t find any nice square ones like those.

    • Dan

      really useful boxes. They are at staples and orchard supply hardware locally in CA. The square bottoms are great for storing.

      • Chris

        Fantastic thank you. I thought you were just making a funny comment calling them really useful boxes haha. I ordered 50 of the magnets you suggested with a hold rating of 2.47 pounds. I also got 200 of the same dimensions, but hold rating of 0.74 pounds. I figured the small ones should be held by this and if I really need to I can double up the magnets to get a stronger hold. Overall, I didn’t want to have to worry about any breaking. The larger models will get the bigger magnets. Thanks again for all of your help. By the way, I posted up the link for your overall sorting page on the forbidden fortress kickstarter comments page. Hopefully others are inspired by your work as well.

  • Chris

    How did you manage with your void spiders, custodians of targa, etc? I’m assuming you did not magnetize them. I was thinking of getting a section of something like fake grass bottle drying racks. Just random slightly flexible spikes that you can just stick stuff into to be held. Anything I can cut to size and stick them to.

    • Dan

      Chris, just saw this message! I actually left them loose. They’re in with some of the magnetized minis so they don’t roll around much when transporting. Although your idea would rock as well. I’m updating my sorting and whatnot after compiling my 2.0 and I’ll be making an updated post on my storing options here in a couple weeks, will be sure pix of the ‘loose’ figs like the spiders, custodians, and void rats are in there.

  • TR

    Dimension of the boxes used?

    • Dan

      Hey, I’ll measure them out. I go with the RUB measurements which are the box size in liters, but can give you actual physical width/length if you like.

  • Dan

    Argh, how did my post not appear?!

  • Kurt Weihs

    Dan, First, thanks for posting this.
    Second, I’ve just received my KS Daimyo pledge for Forbidden Fortress and am completely overwhelmed with all the stuff. What are the dimensions of the R.U. Boxes that you used to match the flashing? I’m going with your idea 100% but would like to start ordering stuff before the girlfriend starts getting annoyed with the horde occupying the dinner table.

    • Dan

      Kurt, The boxes are a few different sizes, but I’ve settled mainly on the 11 liter ones for consistency. You’ll need taller for the big models, but that’s a good starting point for the small/medium/large models and really only the XL and XXL models need anything taller than that. The flashing is just the standard size from Home Depot. Typically two layered to fit and then hot glued to one another and the base of the box will suffice. I don’t have the dimensions for the flashing handy, but 1 will cover the 11 liter almost completely (the model overhang isn’t too bad). The larger ones get two. I’m going to be out of state for a couple days but I can measure and give you some more precise measurements when I return.

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