Shadows of Brimstone For Kublacon – Pt. 3

It’s been a few days since my last post. I didn’t have as much time over the past four days to paint as I would have liked, but did get some work done last night. Where I stand currently:

12 Void Spiders all but finished (touching up teeth/mouth)
12 Tentacles completed
6 Hell Bats needing hilighting and details
3 Night Terrors needing more hilighting and details
8 Heroes with flesh started
12 Walking Dead still just primer. I have a plan for them that involves a limited color palette
1 Goliath needing more hilighting and then details
1 Harbinger needing inking then hilights and details
3 Slashers I tried red inks on and already hate…
6 Stranglers with mottled purple/bluish skin I’m working on evening out

I have three nights to go to get everything finished, or finished enough I’m happy with them on the table for the weekend. Found a color for the bases as well…



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