Shadows of Brimstone for Kublacon – Pt. 5

Worked a long evening trying to get close. Not completely thrilled with the Walking Dead, but they’ll do for the weekend. Need touching up with fine brushes. Hope FFP changes manufacturers and fixes their ‘soft detail’ issue – was hard to tell what was what.

Also included a group shot of everything and what’s left. I did find a good base color to start the bases with (won’t finish detailing them, but all have the color and black base rim now), and only have the heroes left to work on and a few touchups on the other models. The Slashers are a mental block on what to do, they may just remain orange lumps for now. frown emoticon The Goliath and Harbinger won’t get 100% finished, but I’ll add teeth/eyes to be sure they’re as close as time allows. Whatever’s not done this evening won’t be until after the show.


Finally found a relatively inexpensive batch of poker chips to use for XP counters thanks to a poster on BGG (gotta find the name to give credit). They were in SoCal so shipping was a breeze. Bought 25 packs for the 5, 25, 50, 100.
(too lazy to get a screencap of them, but check the link above, nice quality for the price too). Don’t forget a chip rack!


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