Shadows of Brimstone for Kublacon – Pt. 2

When we last left our hero he was bravely (foolishly) convinced he could tackle the mound of 64 Shadows of Brimstone models he needed to complete for Kublacon. He’d already cleaned up seams on the models that needed it the most and was thrilled with that little bit of progress.

Since then…

Started with basing the models. Nothing to fancy, sand mix plus some details on a few of the heroes and the larger models…
20150512_181129 20150513_074030 20150512_181431 20150513_074008 20150513_073947

Then everyone was primered. Lately I’ve been doing a Krylon gray primer then a dusting of white over it. It’s not exactly that zenithial style (or not planned that way), but it works out in giving me a few shadows but less work with the lighter colors.

Then I started in with the tentacles. Washes of GW’s Drakenhoff Nightshade. See the spider in the corner? He’s shy.

Come Wednesday night I’d finished the tentacles except for their base colors (want to match it to the map tiles, still looking). I’m pretty happy with how they came out. A few wash layers over the primer, then some hilighting with blue and white.

I also put base color on the Hellbats, Stranglers, and the Void Spiders (and Goliath, not pictured below). For some reason someone (Snoddy?) really liked blues with the artwork so the tentacles, stranglers, spiders, night terrors all have quite a bit of blue on them. I am using the blue on the Night Terrors (washing them as well), but for the Stranglers I’m leaning into the purples a bit. The Void Spiders are getting the blue wash then a diligent drybrushing of whites to keep them close to the picture. So far, so good!
2015-05-14 (1)


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