Shadows of Brimstone for Kublacon WIPs – Part 1.

So next weekend is Kublacon.

I’ve signed up to run two Shadows of Brimstone events over the weekend, and when I return I’m looking forward to starting up a campaign with the local pals. Of course, the new job’s been beating me down on time and motivation to get things finished, leaving me now with 9 days to complete the painting on ALL the models. 😐

We’ll see how it goes, I’m hoping for the best. I’m going to try to use plenty of washes on the monsters, they almost beg for it instead of lots of hands on time with blending (At least for me), and that should save some time.

The list I need to finish is:

1 Harbinger
1 Goliath
12 Void Spiders
12 Walking Dead
12 Tentacles
6 Hellbats
6 Stranglers
3 Night Terrors
3 Clackers
Saloon Girl
Indian Scout

So far, all models are assembled, on bases (and based), and the ones with the most egregious gaps were gray stuffed last night. I took pictures of the gray stuffing, but didn’t shoot pix of the basing. Will do that tonight.

Expect daily updates on the progress. Pray for me. 🙂

2015-05-12 (1)

Assorted gaps filled, mostly on the Night Terrors (See below), but the Clackers needed a seam down their backs, and the Goliath had some odd gaps that needed cleanup. Not sure they’re perfect, but they’ll work for now (I still have the red plastic set to assemble at some point)


The Night Terrors. Needed gaps filled around necks, shoulders, arms, thighs, one needed it up his side. Hoping to clean it up a bit after drying.

A side note, loving this game and was hoping to make it even more immersive. Wandered around for replacement items for things like XP, Dark Stone, Cash that are awarded in-game. Although I’m still debating about XP tracking, I did locate and picked up the following for Dark Stone and Cash.

Dark Stone (comes 5 large and 25 small to a tube)

Cash (created by a Boardgame Geek user, Klutz, who created a few useful items for the game, love these. They’re a little pricy but you get a huge stack!)


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