For Sale

Hey all, I’m clearing out some miniature game rule sets and boardgames. The list is below with the prices for each item. Every item has all its parts and is either gently used or brand new condition.

All are + shipping.

I will work deals for multiple purchases, and usually try to split the difference on shipping. Email me at if you’re interested in anything:

Hell Dorado rulebook: $25
Dust: Tactics Rulebook + Hades and Zverograd campaign books: $52

Netrunner starter box plus Genesis Cycle packs 1 & 2 (counters unpunched): $45
Tammany Hall: $40
Dominion (core set and Intrigue plus the Envoy and Black Market promos): $55
Age of Conan boardgame: $50


Kel’s 1e Puppet Wars Collection (asking $130, OBO, if you’re local to OC we could meet up and exchange, otherwise Paypal’s fine and I’m happy to ship, and will find the cheapest rate I can)

Main game (board, 2 PW card decks, rules, counters etc)
2 Army Transport trays for the minis

MODELS (all have stat cards, mix of assembled, unassembled, primered, etc)
6 LE Teddys (1 of each color +1 Rams)
2 LE Pokey Viktorias
2 LE Hooded Riders

Lady Justice
2 Marcus
2 Pandora

2 Sebastian
2 Joss
2 Baby Kade
Bete Noire
2 Nino
Rusty Alyce

2 Ronin
2 Punk Zombies
3 Malifaux Cherubs
2 Death Marshals
3 Executioners
2 Nurses
3 Rotten Belles
Hog Whisperer
Ice Golem
2 Molemen
Guild Hound
2 Bad Juju
2 Silurid
2 Witchling Stalkers
3 Convict Gunslingers
2 Mature Nephlihim
3 Razorspine Rattlers
2 December Acolytes
2 Guild Austringers
Guild Autopsy
2 Sorrows
Zombie Chihuahua
2 Bayou Gremlins

1 Rotten Belle (seems to be missing her card)
Cards for the following (will look in bits and parts to see if they got out of their trays and wandered there and include the minis if I find them): Guild Hound, Zombie Chihuahua, Guild Autopsy, Rusty Alyce, Death Marshal, Ronin, Judge
**Forgot to include this: I have a couple of those Big Plastic test run 2e minis somewhere. I’ll include them. IIRC it’s Seamus, Judge, Justice, maybe Hoodie.



Epic Chaos collection. All models are painted unless otherwise stated. Let me know if you want pictures. I am currently compiling a value and would like to sell it in one lot. Serious offers considered in the meantime.

War Machines

3X Slaanesh Hellstrider Knights

3X Slaanesh Hell Knights

3X Slaanesh Questor Knights

1X Khorne Blood Reaper

4X Khorne Cauldron of Blood

2X Khorne Tower of Skulls

5X Nurgle Contagion Catapult

1X Nurgle Plague Tower

2X Tzeench Silver Towers

1X Tzeench Warp Palace

1X Tzeench Fire Lord

6X Tzeench Doom Wing

1X Space Marine Warhound Titan

1X CSM Titan



1X Angron

1X Fulgrum

1X Magnus

1X Mortarion

1X Lord of Change (unpainted)

3X Greater Unclean Ones

2X Keeper of Secrets

5X Daemonettes

6X Beast of Nurgle

6X fiend of Slaanesh

1X Plaguebearer


Epic Units

1X Fiend rider

1X Lord on foot

10 X Chaos Space Marines stands

2X Chaos Squat stands

1X Jugger rider

6X CSM stands (unpainted)

4X Space Marine Land Raiders (unpainted)

4X Whirlwinds (unpainted)

8X Rhino (unpainted)



(7 empty Epic stands)

5x full Chaos sprues, include per sprue
* 5 beastmen
* 5 Squats
* 10 CSM
* 2 minotaurs
*1 Lord on foot
* 1 troll
* 3 Jugger riders
* 1 disc rider
* 2 fiend riders


20 CSM
40 Beastmen
40 Squats
20 Minotaurs
10 Trolls
9 Lords on foot
29 Jugger Riders
19 Fiend riders
8 Disc riders


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