[SoB] Can I Get the 500+ Painted?

With lockdown in full swing I’ve been priming minis on work breaks. I think I’ve primed over 700 miniatures in the past 2+ weeks, including all the Shadows of Brimstone models I had that were still bare plastic (which was most of them). My goal is to focus on getting these painted so we can restart our campaign when everything settles down (or if not, just have painted stuff for solo games). The plan is to paint 2 ‘grunt’ groups (basically small base enemies), then 1 medium base group, then 1 XL/XXL or another medium group before rotating back around to the grunts. I’m saving the heroes and allies for last. Worked on a handful before I decided on the pattern, so they’re all WIP at this point, but will be finished very soon. That’ll make about 27 models completed in the first wave. Pics of the batch and the WIPs below. Cross your fingers!

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