Lead Mountain Painting Challenge – Week 3 in Review (6MMRPC)

Well, this week was a bit of a bust. Too much RL intruded, and with a great Father’s Day with my beautiful daughter I ran out of time to actually get paint on any models. However, I did shop for some yellows for my Bad Moon Orks. I’ve always run Bad Moons (since they appeared in 2e), love that clan. My yellow mix has changed over the years, recently I adopted a more ochre than yellow style, but am now reversing it a bit and want a ‘dirty and bright yellow’ instead of the more orangeish ochre.

That led me to the Ork project I posted about previously. We played a game of 40k on Friday night, had a great time, and got me digging through my collection again.


I didn’t have much time to start the sorting and documenting, but I did run a quick survey of what I could lay my hands on and how many points roughly that was without upgrades. It hit about 6,666 points. :O

And I know that doesn’t include Nobz still unassembled as well as plenty more boyz out there in my storage boxes.

Going to start the full sortout tonight.


3 responses to “Lead Mountain Painting Challenge – Week 3 in Review (6MMRPC)

  • Daveb

    Did you get any pictures of your game? That’s always a good salve for not getting in painting….afterall, most paint to play games, no?

    • Dan

      I didn’t think of it at the time. We haven’t played enough 7E to be up on all the rulestuff so pix would have slowed it down even further. I think Jason took one or two shots and FB’ed them. I’ll see if I can find and add to the post.

  • Dan

    Added the one shot I think we have. It was right after the Burna Bomma dropped bombz on his Immortals and failed to inflict any casualties.

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