The Road to Waaagh!!


Orks are da best!

Having been a rabid greenskin fan since Warhammer 3e (yes, that’s Warhammer 3e, which includes up through 8e and soon to come 9e as well as all 40k editions to date) I’ve amassed a decent collection over the decades (ouch). Of course, that amassing doesn’t mean it is all painted or assembled by now, oh no…far from it!! 🙂

One of my side projects is working on my Orc(k)s. In this case, I’m picking up my 40k Orks and creating a detailed record of the Waaagh, including model counts, pictures, favorites, and so forth. I’m hosting a big Apocalypse game in August and so along the way want to ensure that my contribution to the carnage is 100% painted as well.

Updates to hopefully come fast and furious. Next stop, digging it all out…


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