6MMRPC Week Two Update – Necrons!

Awesome. Putting my slow progress to shame!!

Tactical Craft

I set aside my cyber-punk police assembly and decided to pull out my Necrons later this week and work on them. My buddies and I are planning an Apocalypse game later this summer and I wanted to set the goal that anything I field for that game is going to be painted. I haven’t played 40K in a while (still a bit burned by the fact that 7th edition came out less than two years after 6th edition) but I have a bunch of new Necron codex stuff I have yet to assemble so this Apocalypse game will motivate me.

I decided to start with a couple monoliths I assembled years ago for our last big game but never finished painting. I have to say I’m in love with my airbrush. After just a couple hours of work I had most of the base work done. The parts still in…

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