LOOONG Time, no Posts

Way back when I wanted to create a blog using WordPress. I had a couple failed attempts at getting one running (mainly user error on my part) and had completely forgotten I created this account. I was using TMBLR to ‘blog’ about my hobbies: http://shinypennymusings.tumblr.com/ but I have long preferred a more traditional blog style. After hearing that the new dashboard and software (dunno how new) for WordPress were very easy to use I thought I’d come back and give things a whirl. I’ll be changing the style, etc here in the upcoming days/weeks and posting with more frequency. For now, here’s the latest post I put on the TMBLR feed for SPM.



So I just noticed the last time I’d updated this thing was late in 2012. Unacceptable! 2013 was a whirlwind of activity for me in my professional life, not leaving much time for painting/etc. I plan on changing this in 2014. I’ve been posting updates about projects and items on other forums/Facebook groups, but will do a far better job from now on posting here. For example, in 2013 I got hooked on 15mm sci-fi gaming with the GRUNTZ ruleset. Not only does it allow for customized lists, it doesn’t limit you to one model company’s miniatures. Since then I’ve been collecting and working up details on a force and posting the progress on the GRUNTZ forums. Here’s a link to the current thread:


I’ve also been cleaning and assembling my collection of Pulp City miniatures after the Kickstarter hullabaloo and am getting ready to start painting cops, yakuza, and martial artists for one of the Osprey game titles: Fistful of Kung Fu. More on all that later. Hope you’re all doing well!!



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